Solent Laptops Limited, incorporated on the 2nd May 2008 is a large-scale refurbished device reseller specialising particularly in Microsoft Authorised Refurbishment of Laptops and Desktop PC’s.
Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher

Solent Laptops Limited specialises in identifying some of the best available business grade equipment, refurbishing them to a high standard and re-selling them to both the trade and the public.

As one of only a handful of Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher’s (MAR) in the UK, Solent Laptops Limited can offer legitimate COA’s (Certificate of Authenticities) for MS Windows Operating Systems at affordable pricing. As a MAR partner, we also offer licensing to Third Party Resellers (TPR) such as small Refurbisher businesses, charities and school across the globe.

Solent Laptops Limited are always looking to make new connections. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, repair shop or recycler, Solent Laptops Limited would love to hear from you.

If you would like more information Solent Laptops can help with your business, please email for more information.

Genuine Microsoft Refurbisher Licences

Solent Laptops Limited are a proud to to be one of only a handful of Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher’s in the UK.

The MAR program is a commercial offering for large refurbishers that provides a royalty license for refurbished computers with a previous Windows operating system Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or Genuine Microsoft Label affixed to the equipment.

Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher

The Benefits

The MAR program provides a number of benefits to our customers. Just some of the key benefits are listed below:

  • Provides a high-quality refurbished computer preinstalled with a genuine Microsoft operating system
  • Creates the opportunity to purchase a fully functional solution rather than just hardware
  • Allows access to benefits of operating system downloads, updates, and enhanced features
  • Provides an upgrade path to future releases of the Windows operating system software

TPR Program

As a registered MAR for Microsoft, Solent Laptops are equally proud to be able to offer the Microsoft Third Party Refurbisher (TPR) program to businesses looking for an affordable and genuine solution to Windows Licensing.

As a TPR, your business could supply and install Genuine Windows Operating Systems under the MAR program at a fraction of the cost of the OEM products available from major retailers.

If you are interested in joining the program and becoming a TPR for Solent Laptops please email for more information & pricing.

Secure Erasure

Secure Erasure

Solent Laptops Limited offer a Safe, Secure & Affordable way to erase your computer data.

With the use of our Data Erasure software, we can provide Adisa Security Certification for all erasures performed giving you a simple but safe solution to your data destruction needs without the need to destroy hardware.

Our software allows the secure erasing of HDD and SSD drives connected to any computer. They can use both software and firmware-based secure erase methods:

  • The software methods overwrite with zeros or with a random pattern all the disk sectors that are accessible to the operating system. The user can also remove the HPA and DCO hidden areas of the drives before erasure, so they can also be overwritten.
  • The firmware methods trigger the execution of a program stored by the drive manufacturer in the disk firmware, in compliance with the ANSI ATA specifications. The firmware programs overwrite the full surface of the drive, including the HPA and DCO areas, and the remapped sectors. The PC Auditor allows the ad-hoc removal of the so-called "freeze lock", a security feature on the drives that prevents the disk from accepting firmware commands.

Once every device has been successfully erased, our software will generate a certificate containing the serial number and model of the device, the erase method used, and the erasure timestamp - among other details.

This signature is stored as an encrypted object in a MySQL database, and since only the software used can decrypt the information, it cannot be meaningfully altered by other means.

If you would like more information on how Solent Laptops can help with your data erasure needs, please email for more information & pricing.

Product Testing

Solent Laptops offer a complete product testing solution in order to check the condition of the most important components of any computer. All tests can be performed by technicians while an erasure or imaging operation is ongoing in the background.

Disk Drives

The historic information stored on the drives by the SMART diagnosis firmware is retrieved and analysed to determine if the drive is in a healthy state

Optical Drives

Optical drives can be tested in a non-disruptive way, just by inserting a test CD/DVD that contains a specific pattern of files that the program will read automatically.


A voice file can be played to check the left and right channels of the sound components.

Lan and Wi-Fi Connections

Our software on the clients establishes a connection with the server and sends/receives several control packets using both network interfaces.

USB Ports

All USB ports can be tested by inserting any USB device. The software detects and displays the model of the device and compares the total number of detected devices with the expected number.


Our software detects when the user input is coming from the integrated touchpad on laptops, which allows us to verify the cursor movement and the press of buttons.


Our software presents a keyboard layout on screen and provides a visual feedback of every key pressed and released.

LCD Panels

The panels of laptops and monitors can be tested by showing the basic colours successively, so dead/lit pixels and other anomalies are easily spotted.

Touch Screen

Our software activates when it detects the presence of a Touchscreen, allowing the operator to test the touch input.

Notebook Batteries

The software informs of the actual percentage of useful capacity and of the current charge level of the batteries. The percentage charged during the auditing session is also displayed. A battery duration test that discharges the batteries until they are exhausted and then saves the total time elapsed into the database is also included.


The Auditing process opens a window and shows the video captured by the webcam, so the technician can verify the quality of the video stream.


The clients can be started in a special mode to run a comprehensive memory test

If you would like more information on how Solent Laptops can help with your product testing, please email for more information & pricing.

Re-Imaging Services

Our Disk Imaging software integrates the capability of both creating and restoring Windows, Mac OS X and Linux disk images through a Local Area Network. GPT partitions are fully supported in UEFI machines.

Our Image Maker component allows the capability to create bespoke images and keep them in a centralised image library. The images are completely disk independent. They can be restored to drives smaller or bigger than the original, and even to drives using different interfaces and technologies (SATA to SCSI, magnetic to solid-state, etc).

The technicians can also decide if they want to both securely erase the drives first and restore the image immediately afterwards, so the full process is completed without further human intervention. While the drives are being erased or the images are being restored, the machines never get blocked and the technicians can still perform auditing or testing operations on the machines.

If you would like more information on how Solent Laptops can help with your re-imaging requirements, please email for more information & pricing.

Re-Imaging Services